In this module you can block the total or online availability of your rooms for  any operational or administrative reasons you may have at the hotel.

NOTE: You can block a room "totally", "partially" or "temporary"  with the following options:

Online Blocking: Blocks the availability in your sales channels (OTA's), but allows you to make reservations from the counter.

Total Block: Blocks total availability, does not allow you to create online reservations or counter.

Temporary blocking: Reservations are blocked for a certain period of time (hours or minutes), after that time the block will disappear.

a) In this module you can find the history of the blockades already made.

b) To create a blockade, you must select the days that are required to block, at the moment of creating them they will be displayed in the following way.

c) If you need to look for any block, you must click on FILTER OPTIONS> SELECT THE DATE> CLICK ON  SEARCH.

d) To remove a blockade click on the red box, which will break down a confirmation window, click on "UNDERSTAND AND DELETE".

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