In this module you can view in a general or personalized way all the information of your reservations.

Follow the steps down  below:

Go to Reports → Report generator.

Click  and you will be shown  all the  information about your reservations.

In this section you will have the option to customize your reports with the information you need and to do so, do the following:

1) You can choose a filter if you need specific dates, this option is at the top of the table.

Select the dates and the concept of those that are there "arrival / departure" "date of creation", then click on apply filters.

2) To have only the information you need, you can customize the table.

Click on "select columns", the option is at the top right.

A window will appear, in which it shows you the "available columns" and "selected columns".

To edit it, click on the concepts in the right column and each one will disappear.

You can select the columns you need, for example  select: "Reservation number", "Property", "Rooms", "Guest" and "Arrival".

 having selected the options needed  click on "close"

It will be displayed as follows:

Finally you will have the option to download the reports in different formats, the options are in the upper right.

Remember that you can make this customization as many times as you enter the "report generator" module.

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