In this section you can regulate the maximum and minimum rates by room type. This configuration will prevent the out of range prices from reseting.

1.- Start by clicking: "Properties" ➝ "Types of room"

2.- In the menu "Actions" Enter the option "Edit" we can identify it by the icon of a "Pencil" (marked with yellow in the following image)

3.- You will be able to visualize general information of the type of room and in the upper part you will be able to edit the desired amount (red box)

At the end click on "Save".

4.- Note: It is important to choose a wide range of prices since this will impact when doing a Massive Load where it will only allow to add a price within the range previously established.

In this example we can see that the amount we want to enter is 3000.00, which exceeds the maximum amount of the double room that is 2500.00 as shown in step 3.

When you present a similar case, you already know how to update it.

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