To add a room to your Property, either new or you need to expand the number of those that already exist, you just have to do the following:

1.-find the Dashboard and click on "Properties" ➝ "Type of rooms"

2.-If you have several properties, locate the row where you want to edit and click on the "add type of accommodation" icon on the right side (red box). In this example we will select the property "Hotel demo"

3.-In the next window you must select the box that indicates the type of room you require, by clicking on it. for example, we will select "Family suite". Then click on "NEXT"

* In case you want to personalize the name of the room click on "ADD NEW ROOM TYPE"

4.- Edit the number of rooms, tax rate, minimum and maximum price. Then  click on "Finalize"

At the top you will see a confirmation message that your changes have been saved.

You will be able to see a list with your new room(s).

They will also be reflected on the Calendar.

Ready! You can add as many rooms as you need by repeating the same process.

Note:you need to delete a room, go to th"Properties" -> "Rooms" -> "Room Type" -> "Show" -> click on the trash icon of the room you wish to delete.

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