Take the following steps to make use of the "Channel Manager":

1.-Look for the following on the dashboard: CONFIGURATION ➝ CHANNELS ➝ CHANNEL ADMINISTRATION

2.- A window with the connected channels will be displayed, or if you have not yet connected any, you can choose a new channel for the connection on the lower left "NEW CONNECTION".

3.- Clicking on "NEW CONNECTION" will open a window with a list of channels, you must choose the one that is required and it will be added to the list of connected channels.

4.- When adding a CONNECTION click  on "CONFIGURATION" and it will open the following window in which it has to enter the requested data and click on "SAVE CONFIGURATION".

. click on configuration

Add the requested data and save the configuration.

5.- When entering the corresponding data, contact us to be able to use the Channel Manager and also to connect to the channels you need.

still got questions? contact us!


Argentina: (+5411) 6091 - 4627

Chile: (+5622) 570 - 8589

Colombia: (+571) 381- 9104

México: +(52) 222 962 6000

Spain: (+34901) 667 - 457

USA and Canada: 1-800-910-6125