Now let's create reservations Are you ready?

To create a reservation you can do it in two ways:

1) Create directly from the calendar: select the days for your reservation. (Select the dates you require within the calendar)

2) Create the reservation by clicking on the "CREATE RESERVATION" option located just above the calendar dates (when using this option you must manually specify the room you wish to associate).

Then you will be shown a window where you must fill in the necessary fields to register your reservation.

Some of the fields that you must not forget to specify are: guest, rate plan, total number of guests, room.

Once you have captured all the necessary fields, click on "CREATE", if everything is ok, the new reservation will automatically be drawn on your calendar.

b. Update of room, Update dates of departure / arrival.- If you want to change the room to any of your reservations or modify the dates of departure / arrival you can do it within the calendar, for this you must drag the reservation to the desired room or lengthening it to ensure that the departure date is updated. You must bear in mind that when a change of room is made.

dates the payments for each day are not updated automatically. The reimbursement and charge of the new rates has to be done manually from the "Account" section.

c. Associated guests.- In this section you can see the guests that will be occupying the room for the specified dates. In addition, you can add the ones that are necessary.

d) .- Notes.- In this section you can add notes for your work team or the guest associated with the reservation

e. Payments / Charges (receipts for the guest, company) .- This section allows you to quickly access the payments / charges made to the reservation. If the reservation has multiple rooms you can choose which room you will be charged with each charge you need to generate. To access the section, click on the "Account" option in the reservation sale. In addition, you can add charges, add payments, print receipts and invoices.

F. Associated credit card.- This section allows you to add a credit card associated with the reservation. Once the information has been entered, you can access it easily, you will only have to enter your user password to be able to see the information of the cards associated with the reservation. To associate a new card with the reservation, just click on the "Add card" option.

If you want to see the associated cards just enter your user password and by pressing "Enter" in the field or by clicking on the option "Show card information" the cards will be listed.

To associate a credit card, fill out the form with the correct information.

If you already have a card associated with your reservation you can access it in two ways:

1.- Click on "Card"

2.- From the main view in the field

g. Attachments.- In this section you can select a file from your computer and associate it with the current reservation. Just below the upload option you can see all the files associated with the reservation, which you can see when you need it.

Take into consideration that the only extensions allowed for files are: .pdf, .png and .jpg. In addition, the maximum size of the files must not exceed 1 Megabyte.

h. Post (historical, shipping) .- In this section you can see the history of emails sent to the guest.

Some of these emails can be sent automatically after a certain event or manually. For automatic sending you need to configure your email templates, this can be done from the url:

To send an email manually click on "Create new message", you will be displayed for sale where you can select any of the ones that you have generated. Before sending you can make the modifications you need so that the information reaches the guest correctly.

1) Send mail manually

2) Choose template to send and make the necessary modifications. If you want to send the mail to a different recipient than the one in the reservation, you only have to replace the mail in the "A:" field for the one you want.

3) Realized mailing list, you can see the content of the emails sent.

Exchange rates:

i. Assignment.- This type of modification indicates that the reservation has been changed or the dates of arrival and departure have been modified.

ii. Reservation.- Indicates modifications that have been made to the reservation and the current full status of the reservation is kept (status, source channel, arrival / departure dates, etc).

iii. Room charge.- Indicates charges have been added to the reservation.

iv. Payment.- Indicates that payments have been added to the reservation.

v. Update.- Indicates that notes have been added / modified, a card has been associated, files have been associated with the reservation.

j. Check in / Check out.- You can find these options in the upper part of the booking window. When you click on one of these options, the reservation shown in the calendar changes color, this in order to locate those where the guest has already arrived and / or left the room.

k. Immobilize reservations. - If you require that a reservation be maintained in a particular  room, you can use the immobilizing option that will not allow the reservation to be changed from room.

Below is the reservation which when you click on it automatically is blocked, so it does not allow you to change the room.

l. Available status.- The reservation can have the following status: Pending, confirmed, invalid card, canceled, and administration.

m. Search for a reservation.- Use the following steps to locate and edit an existing reservation.

i. Locate the search engine at the top of the navigation bar.

ii. In the field enter the name, reservation number you wish to locate. If what you enter is the user's name, the available reserves will be displayed with the data entered.

If what you enter is the reservation number you just have to enter and the window will open with the requested reservation if there are reservations in your universe.

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