By this time you are ready to add the rate plans to your rooms.

From the Rate Plans module the system by default gives you the plans "Counter" and "Online Sale" that you can configure as you wish and also, you can generate the ones you need.

A rate plan is related to a reservation. If you create a reservation and specify for example that your rate plan is "Venta Onlline" the system will take the prices of this plan for the dates of the reservation, if there are no configurations, the price for each day reserved will be the base rate of the room that you previously entered in edit room. (See Getting Started - Edit room)

1. CREATION: To create a new rate plan enter FINANCES ➝ TARIFF PLANS or Rate Plans.

Then click on the option "add new plan"

It will send you a sale in which you must fill in the corresponding data.

2. CONFIGURATION: In order to configure each one of your registered plans, enter the URL or click on FINANCES ➝TARIFAS ➝ RATES and follow these steps.

2) Select one or more types of rooms you wish to configure and click on "Continue".

3. Enter the prices for each plan and dates you need as well as the restriction of minimum stay (minimum stay only applies when the channel manager is connected to different channels).

Click on "SAVE CHANGES" you will be shown a green alert in the upper right corner and you can continue with the other dates.

3. MASSIVE UPDATE OF RATES: It consists of a form which allows you to update several room types at the same time, to be able to get access to the update follow the following steps:


2.- At the moment of clicking, the following form will open in which all the fields that are displayed below will be filled.


5. CHANGE OF CURRENCY: It allows you to configure your currency exchange for your rates, in order to make the change of currency follow the following steps:


2.-In order to assign the change, click on ADD EXCHANGE RATE➝ DESTINATION CURRENCY in which the exchange rate required is broken down, click on CREATE.

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