This is how you can create a Tariff Plan customized to the needs of your Hotel:

1.-Located on the Dashboard click on "Finance" ➝ "Rate Plans"

2.-In the next window click on "Add New Plan"

3.-Next you must assign a name and select (I will define the rates manually). In this case we will give example: "Counter with breakfast"

You can also add Rate plans "Children" of other Plans, that is to say that they have the same rates, however you configure them so that (if you require it) a Discount or Increment is automatically added.

In step 3, select "Automatically" (I will define the rates based on a rate plan)

You must assign a name.

Mother Rate Plan is the existing Plan on which you will base yourself. The options you have are the following:

Increase in percentage.- At the base rate that you have assigned in the "Mother Rate Plan", a percentage will be automatically increased (you assign that percentage in the "Amount" section)

Discount in percentage.- At the base rate that you have assigned in the "Mother Rate Plan" a percentage will be subtracted automatically (you assign that percentage in the "Amount" section)

Copy Prices.- The same prices are maintained as in the "Mother Rate Plan"

Fixed Increase - A fixed amount is increased to the base rate that you have assigned in the "Mother Plan"

When you have finished configuring, click on "Create"

If you wish to edit or delete a Plan, in the list of Plans on the right side click on the corresponding icon.

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