To set a discount per person remember that you must first configure the type of room (s) you will accept discounts or charges, How to do it:

A) Go to: "Properties" -> "Rooms"

b) Select the type of room in the upper left, and click on "Massive Configuration"

Configure the requested data

After that:

1-.Go to "Finance" -> "Rates" -> "Discount"

2.-Select your property by clicking on the icon on the left (red box), the type of room to which the discount will be applied (icon), then click on the green icon on the upper right side.

3.- Select:

➤ The period of time you want (red box)

➤The amount you are going to discount per person

➤The Tariff Plan where the discount will apply

When you finish click on "Apply"

At the bottom you can confirm the location and type of room to which you are applying the discount (letters underlined in red).

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