Update your "Frontdesk" or "Online Sale" prices (or any rate plan you have created) very easily.

To start:

1.- Login to your account and from the Calendar go to: "Finance" -> "Rates" -> "Rates"

2.- Inside rates go to the upper right side where it says "bluk load" and click.

3.- It opens up a window where we must complete a series of data.

4.- We place the data according to what we require.

1.- Red color: Property to which you want to apply the update

2.-Brown and pink color: Range of days in which you want it to be current

3.-Blue colors: Room types 

4.-Yellow color: Rate Plan

5.-Green color: Days of the week in which you will apply the rate

6.-Light blue color: Base Rate

5-. Save

Remember that you must repeat the process for different room types, Rate Plans.

Click on "Save" Remember to wait for a green confirmation to appear at the top, which indicates that the rates have been registered successfully.

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