You can use this tool when a client you were expecting finally does not show up.

To activate "No Show" click on "Reports" → "Arrivals"

1.- Choose the property you need to consult

2.-Above the screen select : "Today, Week or Month" or marks the date you wish to visualize.

3.-  select how you want to display the information: in "Table  or "Cards"  top right.

If you select "Table" mode, you will have a screen like the one shown below, all that remains is to click on "edit" and click on "No show", "Arrivals" or "Expected" as the case may be.

You can distinguish the different states by the color marked in the row / box

a) Green.- Arrival

b) Yellow.- Expected

c) Red.- No show

If you select "Cards" mode

1.- Click on the number that appears next to the name of the selected location (in this case 1).

2.- Select "Arrival" (indicated in red).

You will see a comment box where you can activate "Remove  arrival" and leave a comment. For example:

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