Sending a confirmation or cancelation about  reservations is easy .

PLEASE REMEMBER: if it is the First Template that you are going to configure please contact us by clicking HERE, so that we can support you in the process directly.

Located On the Dashboard look for the option "Settings" → "Templates" → "Emails" as shown below:

Then do the following:

1.-If you have more than one location, you choose the location (red box).

2.-Select the type of template you want to send either confirmation or cancellation (blue box) as well as "In the event" (green box).

3.-You choose the way you want to send it. "Automatically" (yellow box).

4.-You select the execution of the email sending in "Without delay, the email should be sent automatically" (purple box).

5.-Once finished the process proceed to "Save changes" (orange box).

After doing this, you will be able to enter the email in the your guests emails and they will automatically receive your email (when your reservation goes to confirmation or cancellation status respectively).

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