You can activate (or deactivate) notifications to reach your email, or to several if necessary. Please do the following:

From the Dashboard select the option "Properties" ➝ "Locations"

A screen with your locations will appear; on the right side, please click on the "Bell icon" on the location from which you wish to receive notifications.

If the Bell is Green, it means that your notifications are already activated.

If the Bell is Yellow, it means that you do not receive notifications from that location.

In the next window you can activate or deactivate the notification you want to receive, by clicking on the "yes or no" option, you can activate all or only those that interest you.

When  activated,it will be marked with an "arrow", in addition, the word ''enabled'' will appear at the right hand side.

Done! Now you can receive the most useful notifications in your email.

Note: If you do not see the emails in the inbox, please do not forget to check in the "Spam" folder.

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