In Octopus24 you can give access to other people (like your hotel staff) to carry out specific actions or help you by administering the (PMS) in general.

Who is a User?

It is the other person to that has access to the Dashboard, which can use it with (or without) certain limitations.

What is a profile?

It is the set of actions that are allowed (or not) to be performed by a User.

A) How To create a User

1.- Go to the "Configuration" section -> "User Administration" -> "Users"

2.- Click on "New User"

3.- Add the new user's data, the fields that we mark below in red are obligatory.

Done! To log in, you must enter with the data provided in the following fields: "User" and "Password"

NOTE: In the "PROFILE" section by default, the "SUPER ADMINISTRATOR" option is selected, which has access to all Dashboard functions. Below we show you how to create more types of profiles.

B) To create a Profile

1.- Look for  the "Configuration" section -> "User Administration" -> "Profiles"

2.- Click on "New Role"

3.- Add the data of the New Role, the fields that we mark below in red, are an example.

4.- Then edit the permissions of the profile that you just created, by clicking on the ''pencil'' icon on the lower right part.

A list will appear with all the actions (or permissions) that you can activate in that profile. Select the ones that fit the description of your role.

Ready! You can add the number of profiles you need in the same way.

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