There are three ways to check if a reservation is paid or not.

1.- Through the colors of the Capsules, in general when a Capsule is lighter in color it means that the reservation has been paid.

Dark Yellow: not paid

Light yellow: liquidated

The change happens in any state of the Reservation, for example:

A) Booking confirmed without payment

 B) Confirmed reservation settled

Tip: Learn more about the meaning of the colors of the pills by clicking HERE.

2.- Open the reservation (click here if you do not remember how to do it). Once inside the desired reservation, it is only necessary to verify that the balance located in the upper right is in "zeros":

3.- By clicking on the reservation, the Tooltip appears (black box with information), it contains the reservation data, and in the upper right corner there is a point that could  be green or yellow.

Green.- The reservation is fully paid 

Yellow.- The reservation is pending payment

Additional tip: Remember that a Tooltip can appear in other areas of the Dashboard and it helps you to visualize useful information.

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